Digley Reservoir

5.22 Miles – Circular – Mostly Good Paths

This is a nice walk with a couple of steep inclines, great swimming opportunities and lots of off lead. There is some sheep and ground nesting birds as you walk across the moor though.

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Places we like to visit

Magic Rock Tap

Summer Wine Brewery Tap


Pighill Wood

Circular – 2.9 Miles – Muddy, hilly…

We made this walk up, we had plans to visit Magic Rock Tap and it was raining, so we wanted something short nearby. We found this area in ViewRanger and decided to give it a go. It was generally a good walk, a bit steep at the beginning, but the woods were nice, it was a bit muddy, but it was raining.

We did have to nip over the golf course, it does have footpaths though and was completely empty due to the weather. We also found we had to climb over a small wall right at the end to stay on the path, but it wasn’t too high.

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Places we like to visit nearby

Magic Rock Tap

Pax Burger


We went a little bit wrong on this walk, it was supposed to be more “round” than it is now. However, it was still the same length as we planned and was a nice walk all the same. Off lead all the way round for dugs quite a bit of uphill in the first half.

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