Loughrigg Fell

4.51 miles – Circular – Steep rocky paths – Possibility of mud

This was the hardest walk we did while in the lakes this time. Quite a steep climb initially, then a more gentle downhill. Great change to look in Rydall Cave and the views are beautiful. Charlie was off lead for pretty much the whole walk.

We took a little detour as we left the top of the hill to a small tarn so Charlie can have a swim, so there’s a small bit of the map that takes you off the path, but it can be ignored. Also, if you use the ViewRanger map, it went a bit loopy when I went in the cave, but it’s still fine.

ViewRanger Map here


Coniston Water

4.72 Miles – Linear – Half Good Paths

This was a lovely little walk alongside Coniston water. It was one the we’d planned to do with my parents as it had the added bonus of a ferry halfway down so they could get it back up to the car. This allowed us to carry on to the end of the footpath where they picked us up.

So, if you want to do the short version, the paths are actually so good they’re wheelchair friendly. Eventually you get to Torver Jetty (not the first one, the second) where you can flag down the ferry that comes by once an hour and it will take you back to the start. This cost about £6.50 each and turned up about 5 past the hour. We had a pleasant 40 minutes sat on the jetty in the sunshine waiting for the ferry. Click here for the timetable

After this point, the path becomes a proper footpath with rubble and drops and tree roots. Much more fun! Charlie loved running along the waters edge.

ViewRanger Map here