Vicar Waters Extended

3.12 Miles – Circular – Good Paths

We regularly walk around here when we visit Mum, it’s quite close by and a really nice little park. There’s swimming and the walk lengths can vary. Although this walk looks like it’s partly on a road, it’s not a road that’s used, so off leading is usually ok here.

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Shirebrook Woods Extended

5 Miles – Circular – Mostly Good Paths

This is a nice park with lots of fishing lakes. There is space for swimming, but the fishermen can be a bit grumpy so watch out for that.

Staying in the park gives you about a 3 mile walk all the way round, but as it was a nice day we decided to stray from the route a little and extend the walk. We walked along the Archaeological Way and through some woods in our extension. Charlie could be off lead most of the way round, there was a little bit that had some gateways on to a road, so be a bit careful there.

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