Mytholmroyd – Churn Milk Joan

4.54 Miles – Circular – Steep – Sturdy Shoes Required

This was a lovely work from Mytholmroid station, up the hill, the views were beautiful. There were sheep, cows and a bug hill but it was absolutely worth it. There’s lots of chance for off leading, but on the hill there’s sheep and in the open fields part there is a chance of cattle.

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On the way home we made a quick detour to visit Magic Rock Tap


Fairburn Ings

4.8 Miles – Circular – Good Path

This is a nice walk, through the nature reserve at Fairburn Ings and round in a big circle back to the start. It can be mostly done off lead, with just a couple of short road sections. There might be sheep in the field at the end, so take care here.

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Ribblehead Viaduct

3.26 Miles – Circular – Really good paths

When we started off on this walk, we were following directions that said it was 5 miles long. So we were quite disappointed when we realised we were nearly finished after just a couple of miles.

Still, it was a nice walk around the viaduct, the paths were really good, mostly tarmac. There were lots of sheep, Charlie spent a lot of time on his lead.

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Pighill Wood

Circular – 2.9 Miles – Muddy, hilly…

We made this walk up, we had plans to visit Magic Rock Tap and it was raining, so we wanted something short nearby. We found this area in ViewRanger and decided to give it a go. It was generally a good walk, a bit steep at the beginning, but the woods were nice, it was a bit muddy, but it was raining.

We did have to nip over the golf course, it does have footpaths though and was completely empty due to the weather. We also found we had to climb over a small wall right at the end to stay on the path, but it wasn’t too high.

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Places we like to visit nearby

Magic Rock Tap

Pax Burger

Bretton Country Park/Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Circular – 4.06 Miles – Mostly Good Paths

This is a walk we do quite often, the sculptures in the park change a couple of times a year. It’s got a bit of an incline and there’s lots of lead walking in the park itself. There’s also a field of cows at the beginning, so watch out if you have a roller!

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Scammonden Extended

Circular – 3.89 Miles – Mostly Good Paths

This is an extension to the usual scammonden walk. It involves a small piece of road and we did have to walk past some sheep. The footpath that leads back down to the usual path round the reservoir is a bit narrow in places, but reasonably well used.

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There are loads of opportunities for swimming on one side of the reservoir, but the current can be stronger at the top end near the motorway. I’d recommend waiting to swim until you reach the beachy area at the bottom end.

Ilkley Moor

Circular – 4.63 Miles – Mostly good path

This is a pleasant circular walk along Ilkley Moor, it’s mostly on a path but is boggy on either side of the path.

It might be quite wet near the end where the stone path gives way to grassy tracks, but this is only the last mile or so.

Charlie loves jumping in all the bogs. This was the first time we found out that he’d chase sheep given the chance. There is some sheep occasionally, but it depends where they’re grazing that day. Also take notice of the ground nesting bird signs and keep dogs reasonably close.

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